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The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2019 Lucie Dubois, Oleksandra Gerasymchuk and YunPei Hsiung joined the Designers in Residence Kortrijk program by Designregio Kortrijk from September to December 2019.

They worked together on the theme of Future of Domesticity, more specifically on the KEEP IT TINY project about tiny living and tiny houses. They developed an open source educational board game that challenges players to think about the future of living through a creative building process.

Now, Lucie, Oleksandra and YunPei proudly present their KEEP IT TINY BOOK, capturing their journey. Get to know everything about their research, concept and inspirational board game!

Book design by Corbin Mahieu.

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We have been asked to research on the subject of the future of domesticity.

Haus-Rucker-Co : Oase No. 7 An inflatable extention out of exisiting existing façade of an building creating an utopian space rethink the future of domesticity.

Research, nomadicity

Future of Domesti

The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2019 Oleksandra Gerasymchuk, Yun Pei Hsiung & Lucie Dubois have been staying in Kortrijk since mid-September in order to explore an idea of The
Future of Domesticity.

This installation shows the work-in-progress ideas emerging from the interviews’ analysis and discussions that allowed to take position and precise the main questions to address the subject: They went through a research phase to deconstruct the notions of “domesticity” and “future” in order to start broaching the whole  concept.

As The Future of Domesticity appeared like a very general and familiar idea that could be interpreted in a deep personal way by everyone, they chose to tackle the subject from different perspectives based on a number of interviews they made both with some locals and with non-Kortrijk-based circle.

Winfried Baumann : Urban Nomads

Krzysztof Wodiczko : Homeless Vehicle Project

Both Baumann and Wodiczko have worked on the physical representation of what a city nomads can be. It questioned the necessity of having a rooted house as a home and broaden up the concept of domesticity.

Our response to the research landed on a board game design, an active way to spark conversation and sculpt our imagination. we name the game “keep it tiny”.

Kurokawa Kisho
Kurokawa Kisho

Description, what is keep it tiny ?


Approach, design as tool
Keep It Tiny is a game aiming to open our imagination on living a nomadic and responsible lifestyle. We want to use this game as a speculative tool to empower and inform the general public about this more conscious and sustainable way of living. Ultimately, this game is not about winning, but about revealing the possibility to project a future for the next generation.

As a team of three designers, we stayed in Kortrijk, Belgium for three months. The region of Flanders we worked in, is particularly grounded. There is a saying that flemish people have a brick in the belly. But we believe this building tradition is perhaps not in adequation with the needs of the next generation who are longing for a more nomadic everyday life. With climate change affecting our ecosystem and speeding up housing crises and political tensions, nomadicity becomes more of a necessity than a choice on a global scale.

While investigating on the subject, we discovered that the wallonian side of Belgium recently legalizied tiny houses. We couldn’t help but wonder what would it take for this law to pass in Flanders and how could it shape the region.

Making a board game is for us a way to trigger discussions about possible transformations of domestic and urban spaces through a learning process that is active and playful.

This game is addressing anyone informed or not about the tiny living and allows people to project themselves in this Future of Domesticity.

Key Feature, learning by playing

Rules Video, Step by Step

Method, Do it yourself


you can download everything here and build your “keep it tiny” game.

Tools, Printer / Laser Cutter


/please contat us for the downloadable package link./

Nature Cards 
Humanity Cards 

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9 Lands and Traveling 

Outcome, What is your Tiny House?


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Chiu Chih  : No Fixed AddressChih answered the question of the housing crisis resulting in the rise of the nomadic way of living by creating a GPS locator as a future address system.

“The city of Kortrijk will invest 450,000 euros in one or more projects with so-called Tiny Houses in the coming legislature.”